What’s the Difference Between Courier and Post Office Boxes?

With ecommerce reaching new highs, what exactly are the best postal boxes on the market for mailing large, medium and small items? We’ve all seen them; those large black boxes that sit under your desk, acting as the main delivery source for your business. But what do they say about the type of person who receives your packages?

Large, cardboard boxes with rigid sides are great for mailing and delivering letters. Post office approved for both domestic and international destinations, these large sized units allow for protection against damage, ensuring a safe, reliable way to send your message across. Popular colours include black, green, blue and red, with additional protective padding to add additional security. The larger sizes offer increased packing space, which is particularly useful if you’re in need of extra space for a bulky item or multiple pieces of packaged material. The foam lined construction means that you can be confident in your packaging decisions. Postage rates vary by size, but generally, the larger the unit, the more you pay for postage cardboard boxes.

Smaller, lightweight postal boxes are perfect for local postal deliveries and allow for easy tracking or delivery confirmation. Ideal for gifts, these convenient units are also available in numerous designs, from the classic upright style to a range of contemporary variations. Available for domestic or international addresses, the November style offers a range of benefits, including a water-tight design, high-gloss UV coating and durable foam lining. These easy to use boxes are available in a range of different sizes, providing a valuable range of flexibility when choosing the right style for your needs. Many are machine washable and pre-assembled, making them ideal for people on the go.

Postage for the home is typically delivered in oversized letterboxes postal boxes. These are designed to look just like a traditional postbox, but many are specially designed to accommodate large volumes of mail without requiring extra space or handling restrictions. Available in numerous styles and postage rates, these convenient units are designed for ease of handling and provide the security you need to protect your most important documents. Whether you need a small personal unit for mailing clothes, books or even computer equipment, these versatile postage packages can help you send and receive your parcels in style.

Postage for the home comes in two forms, flat rate boxes and lids. Flat rate boxes are designed to display the appropriate amount of postage automatically, regardless of the weight or size of the package being sent. Lids offer a more practical solution for ensuring your packages arrive safely at your door, with specially designed lids that provide an additional layer of protection and convenience. Both types of packaging are available in a range of colors, materials and textures, so there’s a style to meet any decor.

Postage for the home comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, from small economical pads to large industrial dimensions. However, the most durable and affordable option is the USPS First Class Mailing Set. These easy to handle, affordable options are available in a range of sleeve sizes and various thicknesses, with additional security features like internal magnetic strips or a tapered inner pocket that stops dings and tears. Smaller units with no double lined or layered cardboard layers offer the best value and convenience, while oversized post offices use extra strength corrugated cardboard layers to offer superior strength and durability over thin postcards. The USPS offers competitive prices and flexible shipping options, making it easy for you to send packages quickly and easily. For added convenience and security, purchase USPS prepaid debit cards for fast and safe payment of your packages.

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